New Year, New Habits: A Guide to Being a Better Restaurant Guest in 2024

Restaurant guest in 2024. Hey, foodies! The New Year is here, and it’s like a fresh coat of snow – full of possibilities. Sure, our resolutions might fade by February, but let’s start with some good vibes. Ever thought about making restaurant resolutions? Well, servers secretly hope you do. So, here’s a rundown of things to do and avoid in 2024. Let’s make it a year of being awesome customers!

Tip Right: It’s All About the Total Bill

You know tipping is cool, but here’s the hack – tip on the original bill, not the discounted total. If you snagged a sweet deal or a buy-one-get-one, tip on the full value. Servers hustle for everything on that table, so spread the love.

Time Matters: Stick to Restaurant Hours

Google is our friend, right? Before you show up at a restaurant, know its opening and closing times. It’s 2024; we have all the info at our fingertips. Arriving early or right before closing won’t magically open the doors or make the staff your biggest fans. Be cool; respect the hours.

Menu Magic: Read It, Embrace It

Restaurant guest in 2024. Menu amnesia – it’s real. Servers wish you’d give that menu some love. It’s your roadmap to culinary wonders. Questions are welcome, but don’t ask, “What should I get?” the second you sit down. Read, explore, and be specific with your questions. And, hey, bring those glasses!

Listen Up: Your Server is the Expert

Servers aren’t just taking orders; they’re walking, talking menus. When they spill the deets on specials, listen up. Nothing grinds their gears more than restating it all. Pay attention, and your dining experience will be smooth sailing.

Ready, Set, Order: Don’t Keep ’em Waiting

“I’m ready to order,” you say, as you open the menu for the first time. Cue awkward moment. If you’re not ready, just say so. No harm, no foul. If the server offers more time, it’s code for, “Help me help you, I’m juggling a million things.”

Phone Down: It’s Not a Permanent Extension

Cell phones aren’t part of our anatomy. Give your server some face time. Unless you’re checking closing hours or scanning the QR menu, stow the phone. When food’s on the table, move it aside. Those hot plates need the space more than your iPhone.

Conclusion: A Fresh Start for All

Let’s kick off 2024 with these customer resolutions. They might slip like gym resolutions (we get it), but it’s cool to know we can start afresh. Be the awesome diner you always wanted to be – cheers to a year of good eats!